This is for you if…

  • You’re fed up of “New Year, New Me” and know it never works!

  • You’re ready to create lasting habit changes

  • You respond well to be given step-by-step guides to get you started on something important

  • You would like support with nutrition for the new year

  • You understand that habits don’t change until the identity behind the habits changes, and you’re ready to learn how to do this

  • You’re constantly trying new things to self-improve, but none of them work long-term

  • You want to learn how to bring in more financial abundance this year

  • You’d like a program that will help you start your new year with more love for yourself

  • You are ready to set the intentions that will make 2023 your best year yet, and actually learn how to bring them into reality

What You'll Get

When you join Reset & Recondition, you’ll be following my personal guidance on how to create a healthful and abundant new year, based on the methods I used myself to get myself from severely disabled, broke, single and angry, to completely able-bodied, abundant, happily married with kids and living in joy and ease.

  • Daily Themes

    *Healthy, nourishing recipes* *Affirmations* Journal prompts* *Chakra balancing guide* *Supplement recommendations* *Other relevant tips and suggestions*

  • Meal Prep Planner & Guidance

    Meal planner for the two weeks, hundreds of recipes to choose from. Recipe cards for the chosen 14 days meals!

  • Manifestation Guide - Abundance

    I understand that this year, we are fearing lack of money more than ever. For that reason I decided to add a free-of-charge bonus part on manifesting abundance and how to do that REGARDLESS of what is happening in the financial market or anywhere else!

Don't Delay

We Start on 1st Jan 2023

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These are methods that will last you a lifetime, and all you have to do is commit to 14 days